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Meet our newest MP: Georgie Purcell

Victorians have voted with their hearts and shown that animals matter.

It's official
- Georgie Purcell has been elected to represent Northern Victoria in Victoria's Legislative Council! She is an amazing, dynamic and intelligent young woman and we should all be very excited for a progressive Parliament where Georgie is sure to achieve big things!

Georgie becomes the fourth Animal Justice Party MP elected,
and the second in Victoria.

As Andy Meddick's former Chief of Staff,
Georgie already has a prodigious amount of experience on the ground in Parliament - and will no doubt continue the outstanding success of Andy Meddick who was elected to represent Western Victoria in 2018. Unfortunately, Andy was not re-elected and, while it hurts, he has given us so much to celebrate over the last four years and has really set Georgie up to further grow the success of the party for animals, people and the environment. Look out for our social media posts celebrating Andy's achievements!

What's on the agenda for Georgie?

"I’m only a few days into the job, but I've hit the ground running and have started to make my priorities clear to the government. They include banning duck shooting and jumps racing, implementing Veticare, ending greyhound racing, rehoming brumbies and investing in climate-resilient agriculture and plant-based protein – plus so much more!"

Georgie says she feels optimistic that more positive change is on the horizon for animals, people and our planet.

And at 30 years old, she's one of the youngest women to ever be elected to the Legislative Council in Victoria!

"It is an incredible honour to be given this opportunity, and I promise to work hard to create a kinder, fairer Victoria. I want to thank the party, all of the incredible election volunteers, and of course, every single candidate who worked so hard to show that animals are firmly on the political agenda."

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A growing political force

Victorians have voted with their hearts, demonstrating that the Animal Justice Party is a growing movement - and we're only just getting started!

We hope our supporters will get behind Georgie, to help her make even more effective change for animals throughout Australia.

Next stop - getting Alison Waters elected to the New South Wales Parliament in March 2023.

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